Дима Зицер «Ода симптому» (Источник)

Look, yes it is you just hyperactive !, — outraged mother says a teacher nine-year son. — And he distracted, inattentive, and generally — worthless disciple «and comes upset mother and begs to give us something to help her.

We are familiar with her son, and it turns out that he is alive … just. Yes, in the sense — other alive. That is, the more active, direct, brighter.


But the die is cast: he is no disciple! In modern language, this lot has a scientific name: ADHD. Did you hear this abbreviation? Stands it so: Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


No, no, wait to say: «This issue is too specific, and we got nothing to do with it.» The fact that tomorrow you can unexpectedly to themselves to be more than «to do with it.» Because ADHD pose today almost every fourth child. Any deviation from the so-called rules are increasingly called that way. This, incidentally, is very useful when the diagnosis is always at hand, is not it, colleagues?


Critical? ADHD. Fidget? ADHD. Interrupts older? ADHD. Runs when others are afraid to budge? Again ADHD.


What kind of thing is that? On the one hand, parents, once acquainted with this «diagnosis» scared him as fire, believing that the mere mention of ADHD can ruin lives. But on the other — all the more families are faced with this definition, the essence of their child. And most often it falls on parents suddenly, leading them to a state of helplessness and confusion. So it’s worth trying to understand.


To begin to answer a possible question why I put the word «diagnosis» quotes. Because, and I put that diagnosis here, it seems, no no. We are talking about personal characteristics, with amazing features!


«But let me — argue parents and teachers — it means there is no ADHD? Why, then, we are increasingly faced with that abbreviation? «But this question is really interesting.


The fact is that in today’s world, children are actually less like their predecessors. Increasingly, the world demand for such qualities, which we have with you is not in sight. Moreover, these are the qualities that our previous guides not so long ago declared unequivocally absolute evil.


Some of them it is possible to enumerate:


The reaction rate (. cp «first think, then — tell»)


The ability to do several things at the same time (cp. «Finish one, then another for the host»)


Focusing on several objects (cp. «We must be able to choose the most important»)


The ability to reflect on the move (cp. «Sit quietly, do not fidget»)


Spontaneity (cp. «Shut up, then you will understand»)


Yes, and many others.


Before our eyes, following the technological and structural changes in our lives, naturally there are changes in the structure of personality. When I (and I’m not alone) repeatedly been saying about the ability of today’s children at the same time to write, listen to music, eat ice cream and collect the designer — this is what is often referred to ADHD. More recently, it was considered a deviation from the so-called «Norm». And now even considered. In many articles on the subject on the one hand the authors are terrified ever-increasing percentage of children with ADHD-feature (called a figure of up to 25%!), And on the other — call as soon as possible to find a way to «cure». And yet, if we are talking already about as a mass phenomenon, perhaps as used to say MM Zhvanetskiy, «it’s time in the conservatory to change something?»


More recently, adults considered it their duty to do everything to rebuild the life and worldview of the living child in their patterns. Meanwhile, more and more clear that this pressure is opposed to some basic feature of the present generation. The property, which we do not own. And to accept that difficult for us for several reasons.


And as a «makeweight» another feature of today’s children is manifested more clearly: they are able to resist. By all available means. They are not going to automatically take for granted our dogma. And, mind you, in their childhood, unlike ours, there are many opportunities not only to doubt, but to check these same dogmas.


Here he writes Peter Gray, professor of psychology at Boston College:


«ADHD can be called» the syndrome of the school conflict. » What is ADHD? Simply put, it is the inability of the child to adapt to the normal school. Most diagnoses are based on teacher observations. Typically, the «problem» child becomes a source of constant irritation of teachers: he is inattentive, not fulfilling jobs, prevents the class, spinning, chattering — and teacher consistently leads parents to think about the need for professional advice about the possible presence of ADHD. Standard diagnostic questionnaires contain the opinion of teachers and parents about the child’s behavior. If the assessment meet specified criteria, the diagnosis. The child can then put on … … a variety of drugs and conflict in the school once it becomes much less. The child does what the teacher said, the discipline in the classroom is restored, and the parents exhale with relief: the drug works «!


Just in case a reservation: of course there are people who need help, including medication. But when a person who can not cope with his irritation, take a sedative, we (hopefully!) Does not come to mind to declare him sick. Here are just dealing with a particular case, when the drug is necessary, it is not necessary, succumbing to the temptation of rushing to announce a private general.


I will not write now, where does this personal feature. Read for yourself, says a lot really. Just for an example, the words of the wonderful Ken Robinson:


«As a result of the current model of education there is a whole epidemic, which by and large is a fiction. It’s an epidemic of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Nowadays children longer valid stimuli, than ever before in human history. Each source of information is trying to capture their attention, be it computers, cell phones, or TV advertising. But they can not be distracted by this, otherwise they will be punished. Distracted by what? Tyagomotiny of boring, which is taught in schools. »


Do you know why I’m writing this, dear parents of the future or the present «sdvgshnika»? Yes just I want to congratulate you on your wonderful baby!


Really — great! I’ll tell you briefly about how the phenomenon looks in his daily practice.


He writes, for example, a test person and suddenly sees through the window a beautiful butterfly. Many of her classmates simply do not notice it. And this is, you see, is so important! And it is not obvious that the control is more important. That seeks to ADHD our hero to draw the attention of all to this phenomenon. Realizing that there is something important, he just has to immediately share this important to all of humanity. It is not an exaggeration — really all!


Another example. «Sdvgshnik» able to notice what is happening at the same time, with a fraction of a second. No, he was not careless, he is attentive to everything at once. And immediately respond to all. He sees how the teacher dressed, fallen somebody a pencil portrait of the writer on the wall, heard friends talk behind the back of the desk, notice how the second hand is moving on the clock at the same time remembering last night, thinking about the evening today. Adults repeat it, you need to choose the most important, but how to choose it? What’s so important? Go figure it out!


Why, for example, it runs somewhere (and is not)? Because now, it is in this moment, it should be elsewhere. The average person to stop and think. And may remain in place. But our hero is affected by momentary impulse, must immediately be exactly where it implies the idea. And he thinks very quickly. Yes, he thinks exactly the opposite way than it is usually. It operates fractions of a second.


Another feature: a man expresses his feelings extraordinary, unusual way for us. For example, if it hurt, it is not necessarily «will surrender.» Moreover, demand from him a reaction — then come into conflict with the most basic features of his personality. His sense of justice is arranged differently: he is experiencing any situation is much brighter than we are. The number of associations in such moments simply «rolls over» and offer him mechanically replace one reaction to another — so make him betray himself. Imagine a cartoon with very bright colors. These bright eyes cuts. That’s about it and see our world and lives in it — hot and juicy. (I think you realize that for the same reason «sdvgshnik» with another character in such a case can fight back, so that will not find it …)


I am quite sure that for people with so-called ADHD predugotovana amazing destiny. Unless, of course, do not plow their childhood. It’s a wonderful gift — to feel this simultaneity of events. The gift, which can turn into a real reward for him and for others.


But, alas: in routine practice, this award may seem a curse. And both him and us. After all, the world is built according to certain patterns. We want to see them judiciously extent weighty. A «sdvgshnik» simply can not, can not be so.


And he adds that he is aware of the its features. Already, because he was constantly on her show. And so, when he repeatedly criticized, very upset. Upset the model «Well, again, I was broke, again could not, again it turns out that I was a worthless freak, quite unlike normal people ‘…


What should we do — it does not change it, but to help to know himself. To help, mindful of the fact that we are often unknown to his tools of interaction with reality. And do it gently and patiently. That’s when he learns to wield these tools their own, transforming a set of random and unusual for us in a striking color palette of beauty.


The main means of assistance — a positive feedback. No «again did not get anything from you,» and «see how you can.» Do not ‘look on the good boys and girls and become the same, «and» Tell me how it happens with you, and together we will try to find new opportunities to use your skills. » Not «you are absolutely intolerable,» and «I know that you, like me, it can be hard, but we will certainly find a way to change that.»


And then they gave the true blue open in front of him. And it turns out that the ADHD — syndrome actors and artists, inventors and psychologists, dreamers and innovators. More precisely, it is a syndrome of all professions where demand increased reflection, reaction time, the ability to feel the pain of others and their own, to notice that by which others simply will not look back.


Do not expect they will never be «normal». And will always uncomfortable. But before them, and discovered amazing different roads. And in a sense it depends on us, they become black melancholic, disillusioned in the world, being in constant conflict with his rhythm, rules, dogmas. Or bright, open and creative. These, the way nature intended for the joy of all of us and to themselves.


You will break — get the first. Will you support — the second. So choose.


So — long live ADHD! And rejoice, dear parents, if you have an awkward child. And do not rush to change it. He still will not change. Maximum — ogrubeet and will complete neurotic.


Instead, always remember that it is not easy. It is not easy, but very interesting, much more interesting than we are with you. And then, of course, have something to envy. And learn.

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